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Ph.D. Job Candidates

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Karl Shell or any member of the placement committee.

The CV packet for all Cornell job candidates

Placement Committee:

Chair, Karl Shell (607) 255-5277
Francesco Bianchi (607) 255-5030
Larry Kahn (607) 255-0510
Mallika Thomas (607) 255-5345

Placement Coordinator: Rachel Lukens (607) 255-4893

Tirupam Goel

Tirupam Goel  web page  email

Focus: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Computational Economics

Job market paper: Banking Industry Dynamics and Size Dependent Leverage Regulation

References: Assaf Razin, Maxim Troshkin, Eswar S. Prasad, Karel Mertens

Jongrim Ha

Jongrim Ha  web page  email

Focus: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, International Finance

Job market paper: International transmission of U.S. monetary policy shocks in open financial markets

References: Eswar S. Prasad, Karel Mertens, G. Andrew Karolyi, Kristoffer P. Nimark, Arnab Basu

Hautahi Kingi

Hautahi Kingi  web page  email

Focus: Macroeconomics, International Economics, Computational Economics

Job market paper: The Dynamic Effects of Immigration

References: Karel Mertens, John Abowd, Lars Vilhuber, Murray Coppersmith,

Jaesun Lee

Jaesun Lee  web page  email

Focus: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Public Economics

Job market paper: How does Competition Benefit People Economically and Emotionally?

References: Daniel Benjamin, Victoria Prowse, Tatiana Homonoff

Jose Lopes

Jose Lopes web page  email

Focus: Monetary and Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Economic Statistics, International Economics

Job market paper: The federal tax multiplier in Canada - a narrative approach

References: Karel Mertens, Yongmiao Hong, Assaf Razin, Louis (Micky) Falkson (teaching)

Tamara McGavock

Tamara McGavock  web page  email

Focus: Labor, Development, Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: Child Brides, Bargaining Power, and Reform of Ethiopia's Family Law

References: Francine Blau, Kaushik Basu, James Berry, Victoria Prowse

Ross Milton

Ross Milton web page  email

Focus: Public Finance, Economics of Education, Political Economy

Job market paper: Crowd-out of Private Contributions to Local Public Goods: Evidence from School Tax Referenda

References: Stephen Coate, Ronald Ehrenberg, Maria Fitzpatrick

Debi Mohapatra

Debi Mohapatra  web page  email

Focus: Empirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: Price Control and Access to Drugs: the case of India's malarial market

References: Panle Jia Barwick, David Easley, Matthew Backus, Larry Blume, Francesca Molinari

Yijun June Pan

June Pan  web page  email

Focus: Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics

Job market paper: Patents, In-house Pipelines and Planned Anti-obsolescence: Theory and Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

References: Michael Waldman, Sean Nicholson, George Jakubson, Catherine Barrera

Kei Fung Dennis Tai

Kei Fung Dennis Tai  web page  email

Focus: Economic Development and Planning and Applied Economics, Environmental Economics

Job market paper: If You Can’t Park, You’ll Ride: Modelling the Effect of Transit Expansion and Parking Subsidy Reduction as Two-Part Instruments

References: Antonio Bento, Shanjun Li, Gabriel Ahlfeldt

Nellie Zhao

Nellie Zhao  web page  email

Focus: Macroeconomics and Labor Economics

Job market paper: Search and Multiple Jobholding

References: John Abowd, Karel Mertens, Victoria Prowse, Christopher Huckfeldt

Janos Zsiros

Janos Zsiros  web page  email

Focus: Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: Effort Provision with Expectation- and History-Based Reference Points

References: Daniel Benjamin, Ted O'Donoghue, Victoria Prowse, Aaron Bodoh-Creed

At Cornell University economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. Ph.D. job candidates with training in economics can also be found on the following web sites: Field of Policy Analysis and Management and Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

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