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The Economics Department has more than 50 faculty members specializing in all areas of economics. In addition, the department has affiliated faculty, lecturers, emeritus faculty, and visiting faculty.

All Economics Department faculty are members of the Graduate Field of Economics, which runs the Economics PhD program at Cornell. The Graduate Field Faculty also includes many other economists from other departments at Cornell.

Donald C. Opatrny '74 Chair of the Department:
Professor Kevin Hallock,, 607-255-3193
Chair Assistant: Amy Moesch,, 607-255-5617
Associate Chair of the Department
Professor Ted O'Donoghue,, 607-255-5108
Undergraduate Studies:
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Ted O'Donoghue,, 607-255-5108
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Jennifer Wissink,, 607-255-6316
Undergraduate Assistant: Ulrike Kroeller,, 607-255-4254
Director of Graduate Studies:
Professor John Abowd,, 607-255-8024
Graduate Field Assistant: Jim Utz,, 607-255-4893
Placement Officer:
Professor Larry Blume,, 607-255-9530
Department Administrator:
Vicki Sussman,, 607-255-3471